Sunbird Yoga Studio "Yoga for Everybody!" || Yoga Studio Location & Information

Sunbird Yoga Studio is located at 126 June Street in Worcester, MA 01612
We share a building and a parking lot with 126 Post Salon & Spa.

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Where's the entrance?
Please enter through 126 Post Salon even if the sign says CLOSED. The yoga room is open during scheduled classes.
Enter through the glass door and walk down the hall. Sunbird Yoga Studio is the last door on the right.

We share the parking lot with 126 Post Salon. If there is limited space please park on the surrounding streets.
Saturdays are particularly busy at the Salon, if the lot is busy, please park on the street. We appreciate it.

Class in Session || Waiting for next Class
If there is a class in session please wait quietly. There will be a sign on the doors indicating Class is in Session.

Welcome || Upon Entering:
Please leave your shoes and belongings on the bench, sign-in and get comfortable on the yoga floor.
We welcome you and hope you enjoy your practice at Sunbird Yoga Studio.

Vinyasa yoga teaches us to cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next--on the mat and in our lives.
~Shiva Rea

Sunbird Yoga Studio || 126 June Street || Worcester, MA 01602 || 508-756-5813 ||