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Lauren Carlotto, RYT ~ Lauren is the owner of Sunbird Yoga Studio and a certified yoga instructor with more than 10 years of yoga experience. Originally from Rhode Island, Lauren moved to Worcester in 2005 and began teaching pilates and yoga at the Central YMCA in downtown Worcester. Here she cultivated her teaching skills and built friendships as well as gained a great appreciation for the Worcester community.

Witnessing the benefits of yoga through her own practice and physical transformation while gaining the experience and confidence to teach basic and intermediate yoga, Lauren considered offering yoga to a broader community of people. With support and encouragement from friends and family, she decided to open Sunbird Yoga Studio in December of 2007.
Today, Sunbird Yoga Studio offers many yoga classes to all levels of students. Lauren promotes the teaching of yoga asanas instead of just another yoga class. "When we begin a yoga practice we begin with the foundations. We take time to learn the basics so that we can be safe and confident in our movements and actions. Sunbird Yoga will offer classes that continue to challenge, teach, and embrace diversity, both physically and mentally. Everyone is welcome at Sunbird Yoga and it is a great place to begin a yoga practice."

Lauren continues here education through workshops and professional trainings. In March of 2011 she completed her Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition. She holds her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification from YogaFit and is working towards her 500-hour certification. She has participated in teacher trainings and workshops with Shiva Rea and
Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern of OM Yoga
. She is currently participating in OM Yoga's meditation training.

Jessica Johnson ~ Inspired by her love for athletics and wellness, Jessica first became interested in yoga during college. Studying exercise physiology, working as an athletic trainer and playing collegiate soccer, yoga became a nice balance and thread between the three. She noticed less injury, better stamina, and learned many stretches to pass along to fellow student athletes. As time went on yoga became a passion and a commitment to share with others.

In 2002, Jessica received her certification in Vini-Yoga. Since then practicing with many teachers in various traditions, Jessica's love for movement and flow lead her to Vinyasa Yoga. Jessica has been teaching yoga for 7 years.
"What I love most about teaching yoga is sharing this practice that has been such a gift to me. I feel honored that students share with me what can be a very intimate process of letting go of emotional baggage and stress, turning off defenses, overcoming self consciousness and fear and becoming open again through breathing and movement. I love the feeling I get at the end of class when students open their eyes and I can see their whole person radiating with good energy. It truly is a transformation."

Monica Wolf, RYT~ Monica's yoga journey began several years ago while spending the summers in Lenox, Massachusetts regularly attending yoga classes at Kripalu. In 2009 Monica received her
200-hour RYT yoga certification from Yoga Alliance. (RYT : Registered Yoga Teacher)

As a former social worker and current elementary school teacher, she enjoys helping others grow and learn. Last year Monica received a grant from the Worcester Educational Development Foundation to teach yoga to the second graders at Flagg Street School. Through asanas, meditation, and visualization exercises, students gained a deeper understanding of their bodies abilities and increased their concentration.
Along with Monica’s 200-hour RYT certification, she has completed Yoga Warriors, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and The Mind-Body Connection. She also facilitates workshops in breathing and meditation to Worcester seniors and other health care providers. Monica would like people from all walks of life to experience the benefits of yoga. "Yoga enables me to embrace the moment, explore different parts of my being, cultivate patience, and live a balanced life. It is truly a joy to be part of the Sunbird yoga community. I feel very grateful to be able to share my passion for yoga with like minded individuals. "

Colleen Munson began her wellness journey by studying traditional martial arts. This lead to a desire for other related disciplines, which brought her into the practice of yoga in 1998. Colleen appreciates the blend of physical and spiritual balance in yoga. As a practitioner and as a teacher,

Colleen brings mindfulness not only into the classroom, but also into daily life. She incorporates a blend of mindfulness with fun and humor into her teaching. Colleen believes that yoga is a discipline that is accessible and adaptable for all people, regardless of age, weight, injury, or flexibility.

Colleen teaches Yoga and Pilates and is an AFAA certified Personal Trainer. She feels a deep sense of inspiration from her students, appreciating the opportunity to learn from them and grow with them.

By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous,
and disregard for the wicked, the mind retains it's undisturbed calmness. ~ The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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